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Intentional Conception Course 1

A heart-expanding, intentional and conscious way to prepare yourselves for parenthood and for creating a bond with your child (or grandchild) that keeps you connected forever.

It all begins with you as parents or parents-to-be being committed to breaking the cycle of dysfunctional parenting styles you may have inherited unconsciously.


We all have them:  Self-limiting habits, patterns and beliefs, some of which will not even emerge until we become parents!  Without intervention we will pass on these limiting beliefs to our children, and the spiral of negativity, continues until the next generation. 

I will help you break the cycle

Self-examination and reflection is a cornerstone of self-growth and evolution.

Your commitment to your own growth sets the foundation for Intentional Conception and parenting.  It is the beginning of an unbreakable bond with your baby.

Ask yourself….

“Into what kind of environment do we want to bring our children?”



“What kind of environment would have nurtured my own spiritual identity and development?”

Make the decision

Decide now that you are going to break the cycle of unconscious parenting – with all of its limitations – and you will set the stage to stay connected to your child forever.

This Course Teaches You How To …

  • Heal your self-limiting patterns, habits and beliefs 

  • Love yourself even more deeply and fully

  • Heal your own wounded “Inner Child”

  • Create a healthy, loving, joyful and confident child

  • And stay connected to your child forever

Message from 
Jorge Cassir, MD

This course is based on my spiritual transformation that I underwent.  It is designed for parents-to-be, parents and grandparents who seek a deep, eternal, spiritual connection with their newborn.

I unite present-day medical and scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom, by recognizing that human beings have both a physical and spiritual life.

By applying the principles in my course, you will learn how to deeply connect with your unborn or newborn child and stay connected forever.

As a physician who grew up in a dysfunctional family, I created many self-limiting patterns, habits and beliefs.  This kept me from becoming the best parent that I could have become.

It wasn’t until I survived two near-death experiences, that I had a spiritual and conscious awakening.  That gave me the insights I will share with you in this course so that you can learn how to bring up your newborn in a new paradigm of conscious parenting.

About Your Course

This is an online self-study course.  New materials are released each week for 6 weeks. There will be 3 live Question and Answer sessions conducted by Jorge Francis Cassir, MD, Mastery Coach.  Each live session lasts around 90 minutes.

Each course module includes a worksheet and assignments to help you put the course principles into practice. This online training will help you transform so you have a deeper and more fulfilling bond with your child and become a better parent.

These are the 6 Modules in Your Course

  • Module 1 – Awaken Your Inner Child

  • Module 2 – Know Your True Nature

  • Module 3 – Be Open To a New Identity

  • Module 4 – Re-frame any Self-Limiting Beliefs

  • Module 5 – Connect with Your Spirit

  • Module 6 – Intentional Conception


This is a work of wonders.

The author, Jorge Cassir who is one of the kindest and deepest human beings I have ever met give us a book so filled with wisdom, spiritual depth and original and astonishing ideas that I would pray that people who read it share it with everyone they know.

Its radiant teachings of the path and mystery that leads to the conception of new life could in fact, if practiced widely,  bring us to the creation of A human race capable of turning the tide of madness to one in which we parent an ennobled humanity and a world of peace, renewal and  Transcendent happiness.

This is truly a masterpiece…

Jean Houston, Ph.D.

Chancellor, Meridian University, Chairman of the United Palace of Spiritual Arts,
Author of more than 30 books on human and social development

There are very few things that deserve more conscious intention than bringing a child into the world and parenting that child. Jorge Cassir’s Intentional Conception is full of valuable insights and practical techniques that you can use to consciously do just that. You and the family you are planning or have already begun will be profoundly enriched by your reading, assimilating and implementing the ideas in this book.

Jack Canfield

Co-author of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series, including Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul 

Jorge Cassir and his daughter Jacqueline have written a book that is dedicated to the future of children and thereby the future of our planet. To liberate our own inner child, to heal the wounds of our childhood and to face our self-limiting conditioning is the key that unlocks not only new possibilities but a new form of being human.. This book is a gift to us all. It is also an example of conscious Eldering. I am inspired not only by the lessons in this book but by the fact that after a full life of service and dedication as a Medical Doctor, Jorge, has manifested a book dedicated to power of love for the unborn to the great grand parent.

Phillip Moore

Director and co-founder of Upland Hills School and Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center in a forest north of Detroit from 1972 until 2013. Over four decades, Moore developed a profound and inspired learning community. He is also the author of The Future of Children published by Emergence Education Press.

You have written a fascinating book. Intentional Conception authors Jorge Francis Cassir, MD and Jacqueline Cassir-Maese share deep wisdom about how to create a spiritually loving atmosphere for the birth of your baby.  You will learn how to connect with the deeper dimensions of your own being and discover how to connect with your child not only throughout the pregnancy, but even before conception. This is a truly remarkable book.

Jeff Carreira, author of Higher Self Expression

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“This is a work of wonders.”